Important Social Networks for your SEO Project

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November 26, 2012 by J.Holzman

No matter how well a Search Engine Optimization is planned and executed without providing a quality user experience the project will not succeed. One of the best ways to interact with site users and potential users is through social networks. Interaction on these sites can help you to learn what your potential users search for and what they want to hear more about. Some of the top social networking sites on the web are Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and using these will help in coming up with new content ideas, encourage linking, and keep content fresh and current.

Social Network Facebook

With about 7 billion users world wide, Facebook is the social networking giant. Having a presence in a network of 7 billion is in its most basic for a good business practice. Beyond that using Facebook can help to create legitimacy around the web by increasing link sharing and allowing companies to include important keywords and internal links.  Keeping the company’s page interesting with photos and visual content isn’t just for looks– adding descriptions to these images allows the user to add high density keyword content. Posting relevant current content and images regularly from a company’s Facebook page will help to authenticate that company’s pages and raise its link score.

Social Media Twitter SEO

Twitter is the second largest social networking site on the web with about 180 million users. Twitter is used by many businesses in order to have quick and direct conversations with their patrons. Twitter is also a great way to quickly and effectively  disseminate keyword rich content. Starting tweets with key buzz words will help to move your posts higher to the top in searches in the categories your businesses want to be known for. Being known in by the keywords important to your businesses will help drive traffic to the links you and others provide as twitter has become a proven traffic driver.

social networking site Pinterest logo

105 million users

Pinterest is  a newer social network that allows users to create an image based pin board of items they find interesting on the web. This site is fairly new but growing quickly. The site has about 105 million users in the as of February 2012 and is becoming one of the most important social networks to have a presence on. Pinterest is a wonderful SEO tool because using the site means you are creating and sharing links with dense keywords descriptions. Pinning an image link on your Pinterest board with descriptive keywords makes that image visible in searches by any network user. Those users can then share the same image link on their board quickly making the image visible to even more users. Since image links are connected to extremely relevant landing pages, the users should have a very high quality experience -gaining topical information- and are likely to re-share and return to the web page helping to gain visibility. Pinterest is a great way for small businesses to reach huge audiences and using interesting images and quality content it is possible for a low profile internet site to go viral in a short amount of time.

Social networking is vital in SEO projects. Using keywords, interacting with users, sharing current content and linking are all accomplished by using these sites. Using these site along with a strong SEO plan will surely boost your web pages search engine listing.

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